These are so cute, you may even do them on your toes because 10 nails isn't enough.

Here what you'll need to achieve this witchcrafty look:

1. Matte black nail polish
2. Matte white nail polish
3. Glitter nail polish
4. A triangle makeup sponge
5. A Styrofoam or plastic cup
6. A small paintbrush
7. A toothpick or a nail art dotting tool

Step 1: Apply your base color. Let dry.

Step 2: Trace the desired moon shapes with a bit of white nail polish on the toothpick or tool.

Step 3: Using the paintbrush, fill in the moon shapes with white polish. Let dry.

Step 4: Put a bit of black and white nail polish in the cup, and mix the two to create grey. Then, using your sponge apply the grey polish onto the moons to create moon craters and let dry! 

Step 5: Apply a glitter coat on nails. Let dry.

Optional: Apply a clear top coat and let completely dry.

You're now ready to rock with your witchcraft wonder nails!

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