This just in. You're now a fashion designer. Bam.
Here's how you can make your very own Barbie doll dress.

To start off, you're going to need a couple of things:
1. A large, flat surface (aka, your floor!)
2. Measuring tape
3. Very sharp sewing scissors (ask your mom!)
4. A marker or fabric chalk
5. The dress pictured above (available in stores!)

Step 1: Slip on the dress and decide where you want to cut it. Using a marker or fabric chalk, make a mark on the dress where you will be cutting it.

Step 2: Take the dress off and lay it down flat on the ground or on a large table. Make sure the dress is flat and linear everywhere, aka make sure it is the same width from the corset to the hem, left to right.

Step 3: Using the measuring tape, measure from the waistband to the mark you made.

Step 4: With the same measurement, make small marks all along the future hem.

Step 5: Once you've got a bunch of lines along your makeshift hem, connect the dots using your measuring tape. You'll now have a visible line going across the dress.
Step 6: Again making sure your dress is nice and flat, grab those razor-sharp scissors and start cutting across. Make sure you have all 4 layers of fabric going through the scissors at the same time (front mesh, front lining, back lining, and back mesh).

Step 7: You're done! Try the dress on again and make sure you don't have any noticeable jagged edges. If you do, simply straighten them out with a quick snip.
Barbie doll advice: Add an extra inch to your original measurement. This is in case you need to straighten out some parts. Don't forget you can always cut more off but you can't add more back on!

Have fun trick-or-treating!

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