Ahhh, #TBT, you're back. We love you because you're so close to Friday, yet we get a blast from the past that makes the day not so bad.
You know what also makes the day not so bad? #ThingsThatMakeUsSmile. Let's hop on the girly train and talk about our feelings. Just kidding. Let's look at kitties & shoes instead!
To start off the day...#addiction
You should also know what you're ordering #skinnyvanillasoylattebro
Maybe some funfetti cake to go with that #I'llDietTomorrow
Why not throw in a little sorbet, it's good for the #soul
You know what else is good for the soul? Sleeping baby dogs.
And maybe puppies wearing tutus #can'thandleit
Also, curious kitties? #toomuchcuteness
How about the perfect princess room? #dreaming
Or the perfect pair of shoes! #loubs4life
We hope you all enjoy your #TBT and all the things to make you smile.

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