You know that song you keep hearing, and you don't know what it's called or who sings it, but you love, love, love it so much? Welcome to our world.
We've been swept away by Mr. Probz's Waves, more specifically the Robin Schulz remix. After at LEAST a week of humming the tune off-beat, and singing the wrong lyrics, complete with a horrifying rendition karaoke-style, we finally figured out what it was! We will also never ever ever accidentally delete our Shazam app ever again. 
A fun, super catchy beat with an appeasing "makes you wanna chill-dance" vibe to it, Waves has been trending like CRAZY this summer. And, as we are not ready to let summer go just yet (we still have til September 21st, calm your mittens down) this song is perfect for keeping us in the summer beat (lol, get it?).

*Video sourced from YouTube.com
So good, right? We're hitting repeat on that like it's free donuts. But instead of donuts, it's music. Almost the same.

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