Hey, hey, hey... it's #flashbackfriday!!! Ever had a bad case of the misheard lyrics? We have them all the time... and it's pretty much always funny. Since everybody is in a "back to school" frenzy (so sad, right?) we've been OB-SESS-ING over plaid this week. Like we mean Ob.Sessed. 
We SWEAR we heard Dave Clark Five singing "Plaid All Over". Obvi, they were singing their 1964 hit "Glad All Over". Anyone down for some retro beats right about now?
Anyone also wondering why we were listening to this 60s song in the first place? Oh, life's little mysteries...*breaks into dance*
 *video sourced from
There are so many ways to wear plaid, the fact that we can wear it all the time kinda makes us glad (better get brownie points for rhyming like Busta). Here are 5 looks that are abso-freakin-lutely perf for everyday life: 
 Look #1 - The "High-Waist No Time Looking Fab" (if you're French Canadian, that sounded like a perfectly normal sentence, lol)
A nice & classic plaid shirt here, a cute high-waisted short there, and BAM... you look awesome.   

 Look #2 - The "I Look Farm-idable In My Denims". OMG, this look, though. And by farm we meant farm, and yes, you'd look amazzzzzing wearing that. Sleeveless front-tie plaid blouses and distressed denims have been married for like, ever. Do it.

Look #3 - The "Don't Mess With Me, I'm In A Plaid Mood". So you think you're so tough? You probably are, because you're pulling off plaid leggings and a denim jacket. Hats off to you, gorgeous.

Look #4 - The "I Get Straight A's All Day Every Day", and by that we mean Awesome, Amazing, Astounding... [insert Hallmark Greeting Card Compliment Here]. When sporting this look, there's no mistaking you're a prepster going to college to study how to continue being stylish (and stare at cute boys say whaaaat).

Look #5 - The "I Tour With Nirvana In My Dreams". Because we all fantasize about rocking out with Kurt (and rightly so, his style started a revolution), pulling off this look is a breeze. Denim, check. Grey cut-off t-shirt, check. Plaid shirt tied at the waist, check. Statement necklace? Why not!

These looks aren't half plaid, right? (okkk we're done with the plaid jokes!)
 TGIF ;)

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