Now that you're all set for Back to School (you. are. welcome.), we want to make sure you're also lookin' good off school property! We all have different ways to use our downtime. Some of us are knee-deep in team sports, while others really like to relax on weekends #SleepingIn.

So what does one wear to all these amazing extracurricular activities? Comfort. That's what we wear. MOVE by Ardene covers chilling out to working out. From running shoes & sports bras to sweatpants and hoodies, we've got every activity covered. Even if you're just encouraging the BF up in the bleachers or hitting up the gym, casual wear is screaming your name, girl.

Option 1: Bleacher duty
Scream for the home team in a tee and your fave sweats. Sneakers & sunnies complete the look!

Option 2: Morning track run
If you're of the early bird variety, here's a cool option for you: look hot on the track in athletic shorts, sneakers, and sweaters. Throw on a beanie for attitude or rock the top bun!

Option 3: Hangin' with the fellas
Better not be cutting class! Leggings are a magical thing for every girl out there. Wear them with muscle tees and baseball caps.

The new MOVE collection is now in stores and everything is buy 1 get 1 50% off! Check it out:

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