We always get so excited for award shows. We love seeing our favorite stars win awards, listening to their super-long acceptance speeches (thanking 50 people we've never even heard of), casually interrupting other people's acceptance speeches (yeah, we remember, KANYE), or performing on stage (hello lip-sync?), and of course, we luuurve seeing who shows up with whom!!
But what do we love the MOST?
We thought that, as a tribute to the 2014 VMAs that went down yesterday, we would revisit some of our fav celebs' memorable moments on the red carpet.
1. Katy Perry & Riff Raff
Oh, boy. First off, we didn't even KNOW they were dating. And second, try to be original, would you, California gurl? We def saw this on Britney & Justin in 2001. Brit took to twitter to write a love note to Katy. Aww, cute <3
2. Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani has come a LONG WAY since fur bras and brown lipstick, not to mention face diamonds and blue hair (which is super in right now, beeteedubs). On the red carpet yesterday, she showed up wearing a hot pink and black bustier top and matching trousers. So hot, right? Keep on trending, Gwen.
3. Ke$ha
We were SO surprised to see that Ke$ha showed up looking GORGEOUS...and...totally normal! With subtle rainbow hair and a beautiful white studded gown, she made a huge leap from her Xena Warrior Garbage Bag days. #welovethis Ke$ha
4. Beyoncé
It's Queen B! We always loves what she wears, no matter the occasion. Mrs. Carter looked supafly in a long black lace number, but we couldn't help but reminisce the days when she matched her sparkles to Kelly and Michelle #bringbackDestinysChild
5. J.Lo
You may think that Jennifer Lopez was showing a lot of skin in her astounding silver cutout dress, but that's NOTHING compared to when she showed up at the Grammys with Puff Daddy wearing THE green floral "dress". We will always remember, J.Lo. No matter how long you rock it on American Idol.
6. Iggy Azalea & Nick Young
Iggy is probably one of the most listened-to artists of 2014, with so many hits we can't even count. She showed up to the VMAs with Nick Young, and we couldn't help but wonder...are we looking at the next Mariah & Nick?
Enjoy your Monday, even though it's Monday. Listen to some tunes on our SoundCloud ( and tune out the background noise.

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