Looking to revamp your denim? If so, patch it up!
Adding a patch (or 2!) gives your denim a vintage, lived-in vibe and creates an edgy rebel feel.
No wonder it's the latest trend in the denim world! 

Here's what you'll need to get your DIY on:

-A pair of denim 
-Fabric of your choice (Tip: cut up an old top that you know you'll never wear again!)
-Fabric glue

Step 1:

Using your chalk, mark the spot where you want your patch(es) to go.  Putting on the jeans for this step is incredibly helpful! 
We opted for 1 patch and decided to cut a slit on the opposite knee for a little added edge.

Step 2:

Cut along the chalk lines. 
Tip: If you want to fray your denim, use a pair of tweezers and pull at the loose threads.

Step 3:

Cut your fabric! 
Make sure the patch(es) you cut is larger then the hole(s) you made!
You'll need a little extra room for the next step. 

Step 4:

Turn your denim inside out. Add fabric glue along the edge of the hole(s) and place your patch(es) over.
Tip: don't put the glue too close to the edges or the glue will run through. 

Step 5:

Carefully tap down on the fabric to secure the glue.
Let it dry for at least 2 hours before trying on.


And voila! 
If you want to score some extra trend points, wear a jean shirt with your new patchwork denim.


Take your look to the next level and match your #nailart. 

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