The term "selfie" has become an official recognized term
for taking a self-portrait (or a pic with a friend!) at arm's length and sharing it on a social media.

The Chainsmokers, responsible for the "#Selfie" song, have shared these tips on how to take the perfect #Selfie!

1) You wanna have a good phone.

2) You have to tilt the phone at a little bit of an angle.

3) You want some good light coming in from the front... not behind you.

4) Don't do duck face - no duck faces, people.

5) Yoga pants on girls.

6) Good filter - definitely XX-Pro or Valencia.

7) Smile! Sad selfies are very depressing!

*sourced from montreal.virginradio.ca/

Even our photoshoot models are taking selfies between takes.
Wonder which filter they used?

These tips are tried and true!
Our copywriter taking a #selfie in our ever so appropriate #Selfie tank.
Available in stores. 

Are you on board with the #Selfie movement?


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