What Is Your Festival Style?

We love everything about festival season, especially the fashion!
Get out a pen and paper, and take our #ArdeneRocks quiz below to find your festival style!
Question 1: When it comes to festival season, you couldn't live without your:
A. Denim shorts
B. Studded backback 
C. Romper
D. Flower headband
 Question 2: Your ideal celebrity sighting would be:
A. Kate Bosworth
B. Ashley Benson
C. Jessica Lowndes
D. Vanessa Hudgens
                      (from left to right: images sourced from demeterclarc.com, glamour.com, revistacuore.com, thats-normal.com)
Question 3: The nail color you'd rock at Coachella is:

Question 4: You'd be most excited to see perform:
A. Ellie Goulding
B. Lorde
C. Kate Nash
D. Arcade Fire
 images sourced from coachella.com/lineup
Question 5: Your go-to shoes are:
A. Cutout booties 
B. Classic sneakers
C. Black wedges
D. Camel sandals 
Now that you finished the quiz, here's how to find out your festival style!

If you answered mostly A's, your style is:

Always rockin' the latest fashion, you're definitely a girly-girl with edge!
 While you are fashion forward, you know which trends work best for you!
If you answered mostly B's, your style is:

You have a great sense of style and love being comfy.
You know just when to wear your studded boots, and when sneakers are in order!
If you answered mostly C's, your style is:

You got the glam thing working for you! You like to dress up, but add a personal twist.
You get style inspiration from fashion magazines, bloggers and celebrities.

If you answered mostly D's, your style is:

You're in luck because the hippie, boho look is right on trend!
You don't need to be at Coachella to wear a flower crown!

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