Saying goodbye to the Thanksgiving festivities can only mean one thing...
It's time to start thinking Halloween. ASAP!
While choosing a costume might be tricky (stay tuned for our not so tricky DIY outfits) one thing is for sure...a costume is never complete without great shoes!

Whether the plan is to dress up as a unicorn, a princess, or may we even suggest a full on rainbow (!!), these shoes will look fab on Oct 31st (or any day of the year, really!)

Here's what you need to get your DIY on:

-A pair of white sneakers
- Paint in all the colors of the rainbow (we used a mix of arylic and fabric paint)
-White paint
-Glitter paint or glue
- A paint brush or a sponge
-Painters tape or duct tape
- Cups (or anything to mix paint in)

Step 1: 

Remove the shoelaces. We're gonna keep these nice and white! 

Step 2: 

Cover the soles and toes of your shoes with tape. We're gonna keep them nice and white too! 

Step 3 (optional): 

Measure the length of your shoe and determine how many inches you want to allocate to each color.
Our shoe was about 8 inches long (excluding the toe!) and we left about 1 inch per color.
Or, just wing it as you go! 

Step 4:

Mix a good amount of white paint with just a few drops of color. The idea is to make pastels, so you don't need many drops of color vs the amount of white paint. 

The colors should look like this when you're done!
(Depending on how saturated you want them of course!)

Step 5:

Time to start painting! We started out by applying the paint with a brush, but found it easier to use a sponge. It made it so much easier to blend the colors in a 'gradient' way.  Cutting your sponge into 7 pieces (1 for each color) is not only frugal, but the smaller pieces allow for more precision! 

For full coverage, we recommend a second layer of paint.

Step 6:

When your shoes are completely painted (and looking fabulous), remove the tape and glitter those toes! 
If you use glitter glue (like we did), make sure to give yourself ample drying time. (Overnight is best.) 

Taa-daa! Now you've got yourself a pair of one of a kind rainbow sneakers!

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  1. Hey love the shoes they go great with my Halloween costume
    Xox you biggest fan