DIY Alert: Pumpkin Candles

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and while you may not want to offer to cook the turkey, that doesn't  mean you can't contribute to dinner!
Surprise your friends and family with a DIY centrepiece that is just as fab as your outfit! 

Here's what you need to get your DIY on: 

- A small pumpkin/squash
- Candle wicks
- Candle making wax
- A heatproof glass jar (a Mason Jar or a glass measuring cup is perfect.)
- Tools to cut and empty your pumpkin (a knife and spoon work too!)

Step 1: 

Cut the top off your pumpkin and empty it out. Make sure to get as much goop out as possible! 
You may want to keep the pumpkin seeds for toasting. YUM!

Step 2: 

Fill up a Mason Jar (or a glass measuring cup) with the Candle Making Wax. 

Step 3: 

Bring a small pot of water to a boil and place the glass jar with the wax inside into the pot.  This will melt the wax without ruining your Mom's good pots.

*If you'd like your candles to be scented, now is the time to add a couple drops of yummy smelling scented oils like vanilla or cinnamon. 

Step 4:

When the wax is completely melted, remove it (carefully!) from the pot.

Step 5: 

Place a wick inside your pumpkin. I found it helpful to use a little dab of super glue to keep it in place. 
Then carefully pour the melted wax inside. To speed up the cooling process, place your pumpkin in the fridge or just leave it out on the counter over night. 

Step 6:

Collect leaves, twigs, pine cones etc..and voila! A super cute, festive DIY that is sure to get you off the hook for not helping with the actual meal prep!

Be sure to share your pumpkin candles with us on Instagram using #ArdeneDIY. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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