Perfect Party Hair!

Got big party plans? Want perfect hair?
We have a "bun enhancer" in stores that is beyond perfect for making the ultimate bun!

What you need:

-1 hair elastic
-1 bun enhancer from Ardene
-Hair spray

Step 1:
Pull hair back into a tight pony tail. 

Step 2:
Secure with an elastic.

Step 3:
Slide the bun enhancer over your pony tail, and squeeze it tight around the ends of your pony. 

Step 4:
Roll the bun enhancer & your hair backwards. (towards the floor.)

Step 5:
Secure it in place and slide your hair around to cover the bun enhancer completely.

Step 6:
Spray some hair spray...

...and you're ready to party! 

 What are your big party plans this summer? Tell us in the comments! 

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