DIY: Mothers Day

In celebration of Mother’s day, our DIY team decided to get creative and make a one of a kind gift for Mom. A handbag with personalized images and notes! So cute, right?

*This method can be done with any sort of fabric, but we opted for an Ardene canvas bag. 

Here's what you'll need to get your DIY on:

-A handbag. From Ardene of course!


-1 medium sized paint brush

- Photos of you and your mom, magazine clippings etc ...

-Spray bottle filled with water 

Step 1: 

Cut images from magazines or print photos from your computer. 
(Psst: You might want to include some pics of you and your mom! Awww.)

*NOTE: All images will be flipped when you transfer them later on in the process, so avoid letters or words. Trust us! 

Step 2: 

Apply a thick coat of liquitex to the printed side of the image.

Step 3: 

Flip the images over and stick them face down (adhering to the bag).
Press firmly and allow to completely dry. We recommend 24 hours ;)

Step 4: 

Flash forward to tomorrow - the bag is dry! Now, spritz the paper with your spray bottle to lightly coat the images with water.

Step 5: 

Use your fingers to gently rub the paper off, and voila the image will be transferred to the bag! *

*Note: this process is a bit messy; some of the image may rub off slightly as you remove the paper but that's all part of the DIY game. It looks pretty fab either way!

Step 6: 

Use another light coat of liquitex over the images to really seal them in, and let it dry for 1 hour.

Step 7: 

Now doodle away! Write her a little note or tell her you love her! Whatever you want, really!

A super cute, easy DIY for Mom this Mothers Day! 

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Happy crafting!