DIY Alert: Revamp your sunnies

So, your best friend just bought the exact same (insert item here) as you and she totally wears them to school every day...We've all been there...which is why we absolutely love DIY's! You can make things as 'you' as you possibly can and no one else will ever have the same (insert item here) as you!

Our DIY item today is glasses/sunglasses, and this seriously may be the easiest DIY ever. 
(And maybe we say that every time, but this time, we meant it!)

What you'll need to get your DIY on:

-A faux pearl necklace (available at Ardene!)
-Super glue or a glue gun

Step 1: 

Cut approximately 40 pearls off your necklace. 
*If the edges are a little jagged, use a nail file to smooth them down.

Step 2: 

Glue the pearls on.

Step 3:

Admire your new (and original) glasses! Told you that would be easy!

*Insert ooooh's and ahhhh's here!

Happy crafting!


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