Blogger Crush of the Moment!

Have you met Claire of The Claire Closet yet? If you haven’t, you probably should!

We fell in love with Claire back when we first discovered the way she styled our accessories and clothing. Scarves as hair accessories. Hair bows as bow ties. Headbands as bracelets. 
We were feeling pretty inspired by her creativity, passion, and her oh-so apparent love for fashion!

 As we dug a little deeper into The Claire Closet, we discovered that there is a lot more to this girl than just an incredible sense of style and the most lovely long blond locks.

Claire has dedicated so much of herself to helping girls feel comfortable and confident in their  clothing choices (hello, amazing!) through fashion shows, workshops and even teaching a fashion class in her hometown. She preaches what she practiced growing up (which you can read more about here) that “dollars will never go as far as imagination can, and the results will never be as rewarding.” In addition, she truly believes in the importance of expressing yourself through fashion. Translation: wear what YOU want to wear and what makes YOU feel good. 

What others think doesn’t matter because they’re simply pursuing their own sense of style!

As you can imagine, our blogger crush blew up ten fold! We are beyond flattered that Ardene was one of Claire’s go to stores and that we allowed her to pursue a world of accessorizing & styling! After all, that’s what we’re all about! Dressing yourself from head to toe in trendy, affordable pieces that make you want to scream at the top of your lungs (like Claire probably did!) I <3 MY STYLE!

Read more about her story & her love for Ardene here!

Such a fabulous inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story with us girlie J

Ardene, xox

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